Prashant Rana among 50 Most Impactful Green Leaders 2017


He always believe “Daily Recycle Little for Green Tomorrow”; Mr. Prashant Rana founder and CEO of leading waste paper and wood recycling company honoured with “50 Most Impactful Green Leaders- Global Listing 2017” at the Sixth edition of the Global Green Future Summit & Leadership Awards held at the Taj Lands End in Mumbai on 18 February 2017 by World CSR Day.

Mr. Prashant Rana received this award for his exceptional contribution and excellence achieved in the domain of waste management and recycling services across India over the past six years. Mr. Prashant Rana founded Green-O-Tech India in 2010 as a major step towards fulfilling his dream for converting Waste into Wealth. This award acknowledged his hard-working efforts and achievements in the sector of Green Business.

Still in India awareness about waste paper and wood recycling is very low. When Green-O-Tech India had put its first step in this sector in the year of 2010 there was no such service provider available in the market because people were not much aware about waste paper recycling and its impact on environment. Even people though that the quality of recycle products is very poor, not durable and not usable. Corporate were not willing to take such initiative because as per then the quality of recycle products is poor and stationery is not as per their standard which they were using. One other major problem was from where this waste paper gets recycled because paper mill were not will to take such low quantity. Green-O-Tech India had to build small warehouse for the same so that we store waste paper there and after that we send it to mills for recycling.

There were no such initiatives by Govt. like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Clean India Mission etc. to create the awareness about waste recycling. This sector was totally Unorganized Sector in India, which has totally depended on unprofessional services providers. Still in India awareness about waste paper recycling is very low because in India we are collection only 27% of waste paper through of country which is very low when compared to recovery rates in developed countries like Germany (73 per cent), Sweden (69 per cent), Japan (60 per cent), Western Europe (56 per cent), USA (49 per cent) and Italy (45 per cent)

World CSR Day

The “50 Most Impactful Green Leaders- Global Listing 2017” acknowledged Mr. Prashant Rana’s vibrant and proactive role in the Paper and Wood recycling domain. His contribution to motive and get involve people in his green initiative is unforgettable. His initiative, Green-O-Tech India makes them unique in whole Waste Management industry in the World. One hand they are offering best solution for waste paper and at that same time they are putting impact on environment directly through planting & saving trees.

As per their service model they collect waste paper and get recycled the same into daily uses stationery products like Files, Note Pads/ Book, Pens etc. They are offering these Recycle stationery products free of cost to their clients. Along with that recycling of every 100 Kg waste paper Green-O-Tech India planting a TREE free of cost for their client’s “Green Initiative”.

In 2014 Green-O-Tech India entered in the Waste Wood Recycling sector and become one of leading service provider for waste wood recycling. As per Mr. Prashant Rana “We found there are billions of tons of waste wood available in industries. This wood is 100% fresh wood which was used for wooden pallet, wooden crate, wooden box etc. In general practices these industries are selling the same to local scrap dealers and they further sell it to furniture market or brick sector, boiler plants etc. to use the same in place of coal. We found more the 45% wood used for burning in replace of coal because it is cheaper for then and easily available in market. Green-O-Tech India builds the market for recycle or re-Use these woods though ply wood industries and artificial wood manufacturers.”

Mr. Prashant Rana founded Green-O-Tech India in 2010 as a major step towards fulfilling his dream for converting Waste into Wealth. He is responsible for policy, strategic planning and the overall supervision of all organisation operations. He has been working towards the development and effective waste management systems in Indian Industries. He is the person behind this unique concept of Waste to Wealth through recycling.

He has over 15 years of experience in the area of driving business process improvement. He has held various key positions such as National Manager and Business Head with noted corporate

He is successfully heading Green-O-Tech India with his proficiency and unrivalled expertise. Under his strong leadership, Green-O-Tech India has turned into one of the India’s top waste management and recycling service providing company and from last 3 years Green-O-Tech India is constantly growing at the rate of 91% approximately every year. In 2015 they were awarded with ““Green  Merging  Company – 2015” and in 2016 they awarded with “Skoch Merit Award -2016” in 20 best Waste to Wealth companies in India.

Skoch Oder of Marit Award

As per Mr. Prashant Rana “Our major achievement is to get involve 22 school and colleges students groups with our initiative for saving mother earth. These students collect waste paper from different resources and get it recycle from us. Against that they take copies or school stationery which they donate to slum or poor students. I think in future these kids play a huge role for saving earth.”

The “50 Most Impactful Green Leaders- Global Listing 2017” award is acknowledged Mr. Prashant Rana’s such a huge contribution for creating awareness about environment and saving trees. This event was attended by guests from over the world and celebrated outstanding contribution of professionals across the world for their consistent vision, style, contribution, leadership, ethics, visionary approach, social impact and professionalism. The award recognized their excellent leadership, efforts undertaken and management skills towards create awareness in the society at large towards environment and global warming.


After receiving this award Mr. Rana said “Receiving these awards at such a big platform is a moment of pride but same time it is also a motivation to continue our journey to make earth greener. These moments give you all what you had sacrifice during your hard time and give you opportunity to say THANKS – THANKS to all those who motivate or help you during this journey and I take this opportunity to say THANKS to all those buddies.”